4 good reasons to choose a local company

Local business means local customer service. When you choose a local company for your cutting-edge products, you get personalized service in English and French from experts based in Canada.

Accessible customer service

In a world where service is becoming increasingly complex, choosing a local company makes sense. At Epsilia, customer service is at the heart of our corporate culture, and we pride ourselves on being close to our customers. This proximity enables us to better understand your needs, visit your installations (or ours), facilitate integration and speed up service interventions. And, most important of all, our experts make it their duty to respond to you at any time.

Using local innovations

Epsilia designs and develops its solutions, and our experts know them inside out. There’s no question we can’t answer. We also handle the entire distribution and integration of our modular solutions.

Rely on people who know your reality

As a Canadian company, we have in-depth knowledge of the needs and preferences of local businesses. This makes it easier for us to meet your expectations.

Supporting the local economy

Buying Canadian products and services helps support the local economy and stimulate job creation. Doing business with a team of experts who know their customers and are interested in their needs is always a guarantee of success.

Entrust your project to passionate professionals who truly understand your needs. Choose excellence.
The Epsilia team