A complete traceability solution from field to plate

For the third edition of “Nos entreprises, notre fierté”, La Terre de chez nous spotlights Noovelia subsidiary Epsilia.

Transfo, a complete traceability solution

Agri-food is a pillar of our economy and culture, and it’s in this field that Epsilia stands out. In the exciting advertorial “Noovelia: a complete traceability solution from field to plate”, discover how this company has revolutionized the way we track and understand the agri-food supply chain.

A team of experts

Behind every great success is a team of passionate people. With their captivating advertorial entitled “Noovelia: a team of experts”, La Terre delves into the heart of the company, revealing the faces that drive the magic of Epsilia. These creative and determined minds have combined their varied skills to create innovative solutions that are shaping the future.

Entrust your project to passionate professionals who truly understand your needs. Choose excellence.
The Epsilia team