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But like all connected leaders, you’re thinking about the balance of your activities and wondering whether now is the right time to take the plunge. Need help finding your way around? Our digital specialists have closely studied the supply chains of key players in fruit and vegetable production.

4 good reasons to go 4.0 now

  • Optimum production management
    4.0 solutions guarantee interoperability of processes and data across your different platforms. Integrated into scales, robots, PLCs and barcode printers, they turn every one of your products into a valuable source of data.
  • Foolproof traceability
    Who hasn’t dreamed of knowing exactly where the contents of their plate come from? From the orchard to the market stall, your produce’s path is mapped out:
    • Quick product identification
    • Precise determination of their origin
    • Real-time location in the supply chain
  • Integrated regulatory compliance
    The logical consequence of this new traceability is a perfect picture of all your activities. Verify quality, meet international market standards, increase safety, manage recalls quickly and easily… Real-time access to data takes your food standards to the next level.
  • Natural team commitment
    It’s no secret that qualified employees are hard to find. So you want to offer them a peaceful and stimulating work environment. Automating non-value-added tasks will enable them to focus fully on their strategic priorities. Efficient systems, motivated teams… The recipe for efficiency!

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